Using email for marketing purposes seems like a dream for small businesses and nonprofits.  Not only is it less invasive than making phone calls, it is also far less time consuming and it still allows you to make a direct contact with your potential customers or clients.  Additionally, email is free; no printing costs and no postage.

Of course, if you have ever launched an email campaign in the past, you know that there are also many drawbacks.  For starters, people are constantly bombarded with junk emails and spam, and if your message doesn’t go right to the junk folder, they’re likely to send it there anyways without even reading it.  For these reasons, you need to make some careful considerations when using email as a marketing tactic.

“Open rate” can refer to print mail, or electronic mail, but either way it is exactly what it sounds like.  What is the success rate of people who are actually opening your emails?  Certain email management systems can actually allow you to see this, but whether you have this luxury or not, you will always be seeking to improve that rate.  Here are a few basic tips to follow:

  • Use a subject line that is interesting, but not gimmicky
  • Don’t just include sales information; give them a reason to want to open your email.  This might mean including an interesting story, or some free and useful information/ resources
  • Keep it brief and to the point
  • Limit the amount of visuals you use.  If you have an email template then you can create some cool looking content, but keep in mind that many email systems might strip that out and the email may get jumbled looking as a result.
  • Only use email when you have important information, or if it is on a set schedule (such as a monthly newsletter).  If you are emailing your entire customer/ client list every time you have some news, they will quickly get tired of seeing you pop up and will start disregarding you.

For more helping email marketing tips, check out this great resource from Comm100.

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