Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are all different variations of social networking media, giving bloggers and other Internet users a completely new way to communicate with one another.  Twitter is all about micro blogging, or communicating through small, quick spurts of content.  Twitter offers blogging but in a quicker and more bite sized format. Here are some tips for effectively marketing on Twitter:

  • Know what you intend to promote when you start posting on Twitter.  This is absolutely paramount when it comes to understanding how to get the most out of Twitter marketing in order to drive business to your website.
  •  It is vital to know what kind of information you need to put out there, both when you’re writing your own Tweets and when you are responding to the messages of others. You want to create a consistent voice that others will respond to.  When you have planned out a routine for how you will communicate with other businesses online, you will be more successful with Twitter and those who you communicate with on the service.
  • One of the greatest boosts to your Twitter marketing endeavor will be to learn how to communicate effectively on Twitter. You can use Twitter as a medium for conversation, but only if you know how to communicate effectively with those who are reading your Twitter feed.  Before you start using Twitter, familiarize yourself with the various functions of Twitter, such as @ vs. # and how Direct Messages work.
  • Make the most out of your account. Create a profile page with a picture and some information about your company. Don’t forget to include you website URL here!  This allows the people who are reading your Twitter feed to get to know you better, which is what social networking sites like Twitter are really all about. The more readers are able to get to know you, the more likely they will return time and time again to see what you are writing about.
  • Follow relevant Twitter feeds. When you “follow” a new Twitter feed, the owner of that feed is notified. By notifying twitter feed authors that you’re reading them, you are cluing them in to your existence, which will build traffic for your own marketing campaign as well.
  • Post frequently and retweet the messages of others.  It is also important to reply to tweets from others on a regular basis.  This shows that your organization is still active and involved, and it allows you to keep connecting.  Again, the effectiveness of marketing on Twitter is vastly improved when you have a plan beforehand.  Set goals and measures for how often you will post, what sort of organizations and people you are hoping to network with, and how many followers you would like to gain by a certain date.

Marketing on Twitter is not difficult, but there are some basic rules that you need to follow if you want to be successful in such an endeavor. Twitter is an advantageous way to attract interest in who you are and what your company is all about. To learn more about marketing for Twitter, check out: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/17-twitter-marketing-tips-from-the-pros/

Questions, comments or thoughts about marketing with Twitter?  We would love to hear from you!

Written By: Jazmin Aviles