The Civic Support Team

1395127_10100268729246646_605707525_n Shonna Ryan – Co-Founder/Director
My name is Shonna, and in 2012 I co-founded Civic Support after attaining a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing. Since that time I have had the privilege of overseeing all of the operations at Civic Support. Through this work I have connected with a variety of clients doing amazing work to impact their communities. I have a dynamic background in technology, education, and public relations, and I love using these skills to strengthen my community.
aaeaaqaaaaaaaadeaaaajgi4m2rjzgm1lti4ndytnddmyi04ytu1ltq2owvkmwy2ntm4nw Kevin Pelissier – Co-Founder
My name is Kevin and I have worked with a variety of digital marketing clients. I have an extensive background in business operations, and I am the co-founder of Civic Support and the CEO of Mayflower Botanicals, Inc.
unnamed Jenny Lee Paiva– Director of Communications
My name is Jenny Lee an my greatest accomplishment is my teenage son, Scott. While juggling mom life and domestic duties, I managed to attain a Cosmetology License and a BA in Professional Writing and Communications.

I started at Civic support as an intern and today I work on community initiatives like our annual Marketing Bootcamp, where I share my freelance social media marketing experience with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. After working as Editor for the South Coast Travel Guide, I took my passion for adventure and travel and made a career out of it, co-founding Cape Cod Wandering Mermaids; a girl’s guide to adventures on Cape Cod. Freelance Professional Web Writing & Social Media Marketing affords me the opportunity to work remotely while raising my son. I also started a personal travel blog, Just Beachy Jenny, and I hope to one day travel the world and get paid to share my journey with you!

13138732_10153439791115458_6754123633002320572_n Danielle Sharples – Graphic Designer
My name is Danielle and I am a graphic designer at Hasbro by day, and freelancer by night. I am most interested in purposeful design that impacts communities and provides positive change. My multidisciplinary experience includes: brand identity, packaging design, UI/UX, motion graphics, and photography. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to help shape small businesses and non-profits in the New England area.
13138732_10153439791115458_6754123633002320572_n Sean Silva – Graphic Designer
My name is Sean and I’m a New England-based designer with a love of brand development and hand-crafted work. In my eyes, there is nothing better than a well designed identity or interesting packaging. The exploration of every aspect of design has been a momentous journey for me and taught me a valuable lesson: design should solve problems. As designers, our job is to connect with people and inform them on a topic or guide them through a complicated project. Research is integral to this process as well as to the formulation of a great design. This does not mean, however, that a project should be overly logical; the fun of building a design is why I decided to dedicate my life to this craft in the first place.
12038400_640789058488_4926984108967256187_n Michael Ryan – Website Developer
My name is Michael is I am and software engineer with a degree in physics. I have experience with developing everything from apps, websites, to robotic systems. I have worked with nonprofit organizations, small businesses and government clients.