In 2011 Civic Support co-founders Shonna and Kevin were hanging out with friends and enjoying a beer or two when the idea for a nonprofit that specialized in marketing and PR was devised.  In its earliest iteration, the idea was vast and a tad bit too general, carrying a name that was a mouthful: The Educational Committee for Civic Support (ECCS for short).

Over the past five years, the concept for the organization was honed and the name was chopped down to “Civic Support”.  A website was built, social media presence grew, nonprofit connections were made, bizarre and unique fundraisers were had, and eventually a 501c3 entity was created.  As with any business, Civic Support has had plenty of growing pains, but many triumphs as well.

As we close the doors on 36 North Water Street, our home base for the past three years, it’s a good time to reflect, but also to look forward.  We are very excited to be joining the GroundWork family, where we will continue to support our clients and devise new projects.

A thank-you to everyone who has supported us over the past five years, and looking forward to many more to come!