From our clients…

“It is clear that Civic Support founder Shonna Ryan has a passion for supporting her local community, and that passionate translates into thoughtful work, whether the team be providing technical support, marketing assistance, or constructive feedback on business operations.  Shonna’s key skill is taking our ideas and then framing them into something that is highly professional and functional.”

-Carol Pelletier Radford, Founder of Mentoring in Action

From Marketing Boot Camp Attendees…

“I loved it [the Marketing Boot Camp]. And it is helping me make decisions on my approach to an up and coming presentation. I would so do this again and again! Thank you!!”

-2017 Marketing Boot Camp Participant

From Civic Support Interns…

“Civic Support taught me valuable skills such as: writing and publishing my first live blog post, SEO and WordPress web management, social media/email marketing, event planning, and after cultivating leadership skills, I was given the opportunity to oversee UMD students as Civic Support’s Intern Coordinator.”

-2012 Civic Support Intern

“From the very beginning, I was exposed to real-world projects that impacted our community opposed to learning from a classroom agenda. Project management, communicating with clients, and designing for a specific audience granted me the experience any classroom could not provide. It was my stepping stone to new opportunities as a freelancer in addition to finding my passion: design that makes a difference.”

-2013 Civic Support Intern