Discover New Bedford’s Own Underwater World: The Ocean Explorium!

By: Jenny Lee Paiva

“Man Cannot Discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”-Andre Guide

Looking for an exciting yet low budget fun filled day for your family? Colder weather has you
wondering what to do with yourself now that basking in the sun and heading down to the beach has
past? Or maybe you’re wondering what happened to the local sharks popping up all over Cape Cod these
past few summers. Well, head down to New Bedford’s indoor Ocean Explorium, and enjoy a day of
discovery for adults and children. Yes, fun and education can be combined- for all ages!

The Ocean Explorium is a nonprofit organization located on 174 Union Street, Downtown New Bedford.
This Marine Science Center is home to a wide variety of marine life and activities including live exhibits,
Community touch tanks, Coral Reef Farms, Discovery Bay Activity Center, a Solar system exhibit and
more! The staff is dedicated to educating children and adults on the importance the Ocean, Earth, and
Solar sphere relate to our local community.

Let the kids awe over colorful Tropical reefs while creating their own living coral fragments! Gaze upon
the beauty of Seahorses, jellyfish, and sting rays swimming in blissful harmony. If you dare-head on over
to the Living Laboratory and get an up close and personal look at young sharks! Or enjoy the interactive
touch tank where visitors can actually hold and touch live crabs and other marine life.

The Ocean Explorium offers so many exciting educational activities for all ages, so if you’re worried
about your toddler running around, have no fear, The Discovery Bay Activity Center is designed
to promote cognitive skills through the use of dramatic play, arts and crafts, and many other hands

Learn about our amazing solar system while gazing into outer space at the “Science on the Sphere”
exhibit! Listen and watch as narrators explain the program developed by NOAA and made possible
by our very own University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Interpreters are available on site to be sure
everyone is included in the fun!

The Ocean Explorium is much more than an awesome fun filled, hands on, educational day under the sea
and among the stars. They offer Facility Rentals, Student Field Trips, and Birthday parties too!

So, the next time the kids are stuck to those electronic devices, or your glued to the couch watching
Discovery, throw a brick in the wave and head on down to the Ocean Explorium for an unforgettable

For hours of operation, pricing and information visit: