Yes, we are going to shamelessly use our blog to promote our upcoming fundraiser: Drink for a Cause.  Next week however, we will be right back on track with giving the spotlight to other deserving causes, but we hope that today’s post will get your mouth watering and help you consider joining us this Saturday! 

This will be Civic Support’s second annual brewery tour.  Last year, we went to Portland, Maine and had a great time checking out Allagash, Gitty McDuff’s, Shipyard and Sea Dog.  Not only did we get to view the brewing process at some of these stops, we got to sample some of the best beer in the country at its freshest.

Thanks to the success of last year’s tour and the many fond memories made, we will be reprising the tour and this time the focus will be on some steller breweries and brew pubs located in Western Massachusetts. Here is the itinerary/ line-up for this year’s incredibly brewery tour:

1. Local Motion bus tours will be picking up ticket buyers at Riverside Station in Newton, MA at 10:45 AM.  The bus will leave at exactly 11 AM (or the moment everyone is onboard) so aim to be there at 10:30 so you don’t miss the ride!

2. The first stop will be Wachusett Brewing Company.  Wachusett makes over a dozen various beers, and will be a great way to kick off the day with some tasty samples.  Some of Wachusett’s top brews include; Wachusett Blueberry, Wachusett Green Monsta IPA, and their seasonal flavors, like Wachusett Winter Ale.

3. After about an hour at Wachusett, we will head to the Gardner Ale House.  The Gardner Ale House is a great brew pub that rotates it’s beer menu.  Currently they are serving Chocolate Porter, Naked Stout (a dry Irish-style stout), Face-Off Double IPA, Facelift IPA, Chair City Pale Ale, Oma’s Altbier (a German ale), Summer’s End, and Nightcrawler Black IPA.  This may be a great time to consider getting a flight (a sample of five beers)!

In addition to it’s incredible beer menu, Gardner Ale House makes delicious flat bread pizzas.  We will have a pizza buffet ready for everyone upon arrival! (Please bring $10 cash)

4. After we enjoy pizza and beer, we will head over to Element Brewing Company for tour and a chance to try some of their renowned brews.  Element has some spectacular beers, and is becoming especially well-known amongst beer connoisseurs for their Red Giant and Dark Element beers.

5. Our final stop of the day will bring us to Amherst Brewing Company, where they have arranged a private tour for us, as well as time for a sit down dinner to end the day.    The ABC offers an incredible array of regular beers and seasonal specials that are brewed right on site.  After dinner we will get back on the bus and head to the Riverside Station.  Our ETA is 9:00 PM.


If this sounds like your idea of a good time, please buy your tickets ASAP by going to:  Tickets are $40 and cover all tours and transportation.  Any extra beverages or food purchased is outside of the ticket price.  All proceeds go to helping Civic Support continue to operate it in our quest to help localism thrive!