Digital marketing is constantly growing. If you look into statistics and consider the millions of people investing time into every type of online media, you’ll begin to see why digital marketing is so important for every sector of business, and most importantly, why it matters for nonprofit organizations.

The primary objective of embracing digital marketing for nonprofit organizations is to get in front of the required audience, and also to gather the funds that are necessitated for the development of the organization.

Nonprofit digital marketing, by definition, is referred to as the proceedings and strategies used in passing across the message of your organization, as well as soliciting contributions and call for volunteers. So, let’s take a look at several examples in which such digital marketing campaigns were carried out for nonprofit organizations.

Podcasts- A Growing Digital Marketing Channel

One interesting fact about top trending Podcast organizations like “Impact Boom”, “Growth Show”, and many others is that they offer similar hot topics in their podcast such as; “How To Engage Millennials”, “How To Impress Others Facing Difficulty”, and etcetera.

Almost everyone in the world today with digital devices listens to Podcasts, and this shows that there’s a strong appeal for the media format.

Podcasts serve as a direct way of reaching your audience, either through interviews or by sharing stories from great storytellers who are passionate about your organization. This medium of digital marketing for nonprofits can bring about great opportunities for networking with industry-relevant people, and at the same time increase the chances of making you a leading authority in a specific niche.

The best thing about Podcasts is that they serves as a great medium of reaching people in certain demographics that you may not be able to reach with other digital marketing and traditional methods. Podcast hosts often utilize features like woocommerce coupon, and services like Libsyn podcasting, where you can host episodes, offer listeners custom mobile apps, and much more.

Email Marketing As A Digital Marketing Platform

Buzzfeed’s top sources of traffic come from email marketing, and this emerges only from a clear simple subject line and preview that makes you want to open that mail instantaneously!

If you own a non-profit set-up, then the use of OptinMonster, or the popular MailChimp, and woocommerce product bundles for your email marketing is a fantastic idea to stay engaged and connected with donors and supporters. The main objective of email marketing is to get across to people your mission and goals by doing three basic things; expand your reach, develop a loyal donor base, and create engaging donation drives.

Most successful nonprofit organizations benefit from email marketing; Starbucks, Uber and Aesop all make use of tools like Salesforce that syncs well with their email marketing campaigns. Also, these companies make use of various email marketing forms like “thank you emails”, storytelling emails, questions/answers survey mails, success story emails, and many more.

Nonprofit Social Media Marketing

When it comes to non-profit digital marketing, social media boasts of being an excellent tool for communication, and the likes of “Love Has No Labels” demonstrates this clearly, with over 150 million views on their viral campaign videos.

Non-Profit marketing campaigns can achieve great results with all kinds of social platforms, but the most successful are Facebook and Twitter. Also, it is of best practice not to choose more than 2-3 social sites for your campaign in order to effectively meet your cause, and of course, don’t forget to post at least once a day to every site you run by using the 80/20 rule.

Some of the best companies leveraging on social media campaigns like “#Me too”, “Billie”, and “Starbucks”, show how they help, share their updates, promote events, and don’t forget to say thanks. For convenience, you can make use of tools like the NextScripts or other Woocommerce custom plugins to automatically create social shares on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Digital Marketing With Non-Profit Fundraising Websites.

Fundraising is a process of asking for contributions, donations, or help from private individuals, corporate companies, the government and other NGO foundations as well. Nonprofits can fundraise from multiple digital methods of communication.

Corporate bodies usually give through volunteer grants, corporate grants and gifts, while private individuals have a wide range of giving options that range from direct mail donations, pledge fundraising, online donations, peer to peer fundraising, and many more. Foundations can only give through community or private foundation grants.

Some fundraising digital marketing platforms that have made success over the years make use of different methods of marketing on their websites. An example is the use of custom donation forms used in setting up recurring donations. Another method is the use of mobile-response giving pages, which top fundraising platforms like “ Hackman Family Foundation” utilizes. Other fundraising platforms make use of peer-to-peer fundraising amongst others.

In general, the leaders in the game do make use of the best aesthetically appealing websites that are designed and optimized properly to finalize donation processes.

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Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (Woocommerce mix and match), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing .