Running a good website is full time work. Even with WordPress Coupon plugin, WooCommerce product bundles, and other necessary plugins, you may still not be getting the results you desire. Most people end up tuning to SEO companies for help. You can’t blame them; sometimes it is good to leave the job to the experts. Of course, that statement only applies to those who can afford SEO firms and their services. For those who don’t have the budget to hire SEO pros, it doesn’t necessarily spell out doom; it’s simply a matter of learning to help yourself.

During the course of this article, I will be giving you a couple of DIY tips and tricks for enhancing your online presence. We all know how traffic is important for your website. Traffic can only come when people know who you are. People will only get to know you when you make yourself known. Below are some tricks and tips you can use to exert your influence online.

Integrate social media

It is no news that social media and search engines are the joint highest receivers of traffic online. You can make use of this feature to promote your website. You can start by opening a social media account. After that, ensure you link the social media account to your website, along with your personal social media account. You should also link your social media account back to your website. This way, you can share your website’s content on social media.

Guest posting or guest blogging

Guest blogging or guest posting is also another good way of improving your online presence. If you can use it effectively, you will be able to increase the traffic to your website. When guest blogging or posting, go beyond using another website to promote your content. Use it to promote your website as well. You can do this by including links to a related content on your website. You can include a call to action button in your content as well.

Ensure mobile optimization

The majority of web users access the internet via their mobile phones. The reason why your website is not receiving adequate traffic may just be that people using mobile devices cannot access your website. You can ensure that individuals using mobile devices can access your website in two ways. You can either optimize your website for mobile viewing, or create two versions of your website (mobile and desktop versions).

Create valuable content

No SEO technique will work if the content of your website is trashy. Even with the best SEO techniques, the best you will get will be one-off web users. Ensure that you provide web users with valuable, relevant, unique and SEO worthy content. Also, your content and headings should be inline with the content you produce. Avoid controversial or misleading headings.

Optimize the website for better user experience

Besides your content, the general outlook and performance of your website is also very important. Nobody wants to wait on a website that is taking more than five seconds to load. One major cause of latency is the media files in your website. Always optimize pictures before you post them. You should also stop auto play features for videos as they also consume data as well. You should work on the navigation of your website; ensure that it takes no more than three clicks for a web user to locate what he is looking for (if it is available on your website). You should also ensure that the search button or icon is at the top of your webpage.

Use the appropriate keywords

There are various theories about keywords and their use. I will not be dwelling much on those theories; this is because I am of the opinion that there are no general rules. To get the best of keywords, however, be sure to search for keywords that relate to your post and use them properly. There are no rules that stops you from using both short tailed and long tailed keywords. As long as you do not resort to keyword stuffing, you should not have any problems.

Paid forms of promotion never get old

Paid forms of promotions are usually good if you want faster results. They tend to yield dividends faster than free forms of promotions. You do not need to employ the services of any specialist to use them. You can do your research and understand how they function. You can also combine different forms of paid promotions. What matters most is that you work with data, analyze the data, and make informed decisions.


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Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (Woocommerce mix and match), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing .