Networking is one thing that you will never be able to avoid, especially in the professional world.  It can become a little tedious because you’re constantly having to get into that office attire and talk business.

Often these events can last all night and you end up leaving with a headache from repetitive conversations.  But on the plus side, if everything goes well, you’ll also leave with a pocket full of business cards.

Networking is primarily important when it comes to meeting people in the same career field.  It can also introduce you to goal driven individuals who can lead you to great opportunities… all it takes is a simple “hello”.

For soon to be graduates (like myself), once it’s time to find a job and step into the real world we will have to startnetworking with potential employers, and we hope to find a way about it in a way that will be not only be successful, but also entertaining.

Here in New Bedford two organizations have come up with a fun twist on the concept of networking, and they call it “notworking”. The idea of a “notworking”event is one in which you can go and enjoy a drink, have some casual conversation, and not feel compelled to compete with everyone in the room for attention. In summary, “notworking”is about having a good time and smart conversations.

The group is called “Business Buzz” and was started as a collaborative effort between the NB nonprofit Civic Support and Groundwork! co-working space. The monthly event was invented as a way to build a stronger supportive network for professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs in New Bedford. Each month the event will be hosted a different local bar, and anyone 21+ is invited to attend.

The first event will be free of cost and will take place in the gorgeous Corkprivate room at Cork Wine and Tapas. Attendees are simply asked to RSVP as space is limited.

For more information visit the ‘Business Buzz’ Facebook page

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