Jenny Lee Paiva is certainly not new to the Civic Support team.  In fact, she has been working with our little nonprofit since 2012!

Jenny first came on board first as a communications intern, and then as our intern coordinator.  She has long since graduated from UMass Dartmouth’s Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication program, but she has continued to be an integral part of the team, providing expertise in social media marketing and blog writing.

And Jenny certainly is an expert when it comes to online content.  As a social media guru she has represented numerous local businesses, including the much beloved Carter’s Clothing and co-creating the adventurous Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid.  She has also written for some of the region’s most popular outlets, including the New Bedford Travel Guide and the New Bedford Guide.  Now she is at the helm of launching her own travel blog, Just Beachy Jenny.

At Civic Support we have long prided ourselves on providing marketing that embraces the unique vision and character of the organization we are working with.  This is probably why Jenny has been such a great fit for our team; she doesn’t just write web copy– she uses content to reflect the soul of the business she works with.  With content development Jenny seeks to ensure that each post is a reflection of not just a product, but a lifestyle.  This can easily be seen through the artfully taken photographs that grace her blog posts and the genuine (and highly unique) tone she uses in her writing.

At the end of the day, this sort of marketing is truly the best “bang for your buck”.

It is for this reason that we are very excited to have Jenny stepping up into a leadership position within Civic Support.  As we gear up to expand Civic Support in 2019 (more on this coming soon!), Jenny is the perfect person to lend her vision and skill set to our development.