Balancing between sleep, friends, and grades is the ultimate struggle faced by many college students. Is it impossible?

If you pick good grades and a social life… You die.
If you pick good grades and enough sleep… You instantly become that nerd who lives in the library.
If you pick enough sleep and a social life… Well, let’s be honest, what are you doing at college?

The whole point of college is to achieve satisfactory grades, master your skill, and reach excellence. No one actually factors in sleep. They just assume it will happen. So, no worries there. But college is about having a great time right? Getting the so called “experiences” everyone talks about? Getting involved? Well, there’s a way you can balance all three of these necessities.

1. Get Yourself Organized

No, seriously. This will solve all of your troubles. Buy a whiteboard or a planner and mark up what you’re going to achieve that day whether it’s studying, seeing your grandma, going to the gym, etc. It doesn’t matter, just do it. Looking at your mission for that day will get you motivated. And if you’re not dilly dallying by stalking your ex on Facebook during your study time, then maybe you’ll have an extra part of the day! Get motivated! College is the time to organize yourself.

Studying Struggles

2. Balance It Out

Don’t spend the entire day studying, fulfill your day with other activities. No one wants their brain to enter into overload mode. Experts suggest two hours of studying for every hour of class you have (and this is per week.) Do you really want to study ALL DAY? I think not. Break it up, study during class breaks, and make a schedule for every class you have. Make way for some social time, even if that’s just meeting up for dinner with friends or getting involved with an organization on campus for one hour a week.

3. Go For At Least 8!

Okay, I know for a fact that it’s nearly impossible to get 8 hours of sleep 7 days a week, and maintain a social life. But this will help you focus in class. So, truthfully try to shoot for as many as you can. Don’t let the alluring power of Netflix , or that friend that’s always shouting “Let’s get turnt up!” tempt you from going to bed. Ignore all of that, you need your rest. Sleep loss will leave you stressed, depressed, and possibly rupture your academics.


4. Get That Blood Pumping

For some of you out there this may seem like a death sentence, or you’re an amazing track star. Who knows? Nonetheless, exercise will help you get to bed on time, and it will also distract you from all of those tests coming up. Who doesn’t love a distraction that carves out those potential abs?



5. Learn How to Prioritize

It’s possible you could be juggling events on top of events in one week. Decide what are the most important, and what can wait. It’s better to get things done on time than to leave them hanging.


6. Don’t Be Stupid

College is not an expensive club. So don’t treat it like one. Be cautious because do you really want to sacrifice everything? Get involved at school if you think you’re going to make the wrong choices.