Helping You Help Others

Civic Support’s mission is to provide affordable outreach and business development strategies to fellow nonprofits and community organizations.

Five years ago, a group of friends were sitting around and enjoying a couple cold ones when they stumbled upon an interesting conversation topic; “Why are some of the most important organizations in our communities going unseen and unheard?”.

Like many small businesses, nonprofits and community projects fail not because the creators lack passion, but because they lack the expertise in business operations, marketing and technology get their message heard.

Out of that casual conversation, Civic Support was born.  A team of web developers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and PR gurus decided to “give back” by using their combined super powers for good!

Civic Support has been operating out of beautiful downtown New Bedford for the past three years.  We have worked with partners ranging from educational nonprofits, to health initiatives, to youth programs.  As a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit, we are constantly looking for new projects and partners.  Whether you’re an established nonprofit or just trying to get a community project off the ground, contact us today!