We Put Community First.

Civic Support’s mission is to provide affordable outreach and business development strategies to nonprofits and small businesses in the SouthCoast region.

What the heck is Civic Support?

Simply put, Civic Support is a full-service marketing firm.  We provide all the services you expect from marketing experts: social media marketing, graphic design, brand development, website development, content writing, public relations strategy, and so on and so forth.

So What Makes Civic Support Special?

What makes us different from any other marketing firm is that we put community first.

So what does that even mean? Well, when we founded Civic Support in 2011, it was with a focus on providing outreach and business development services exclusively to nonprofit organizations.  We noticed that a lot of amazing, community changing nonprofits were struggling when it came to “being heard” (as we like to put it).  Hey, we get it!  Operating a nonprofit is hard work and you should be able to focus on serving your target population instead of worrying about hashtags and website widgets.


Adding Small Business Clients

After seven years of working exclusively with nonprofits, we at Civic Support had a sudden epiphany… small businesses have a lot of the same marketing needs!  Small business owners are constantly wearing several hats, all while working with a tight balance. And yet small business is the backbone of the SouthCoast economy!  This is why in 2019 we are excited to be taking small business clients on.

Our Promises to You

  1. We promise to always listen. Unlike many other marketing firms, we are focused on small businesses and nonprofits that impact the SouthCoast community.  We know you that it is the uniqueness of your organization that makes you impactful, and thus you have unique needs.  We promise to take the time to get to know you and your business, and to incorporate that unique voice in the work we do for you.
  2. We promise to work within your budget. Marketing services can get really expensive.  But we aren’t in the business of working with clients that have heaps of money– our focus in on local impact.  Your first consultation with us will always be free, and then we will work to identify goals that fit within your available budget.
  3. We will treat your business like it’s our business. Whether we’re making decisions on pricing, representing your organization online, or prioritizing outreach tasks, we take the work we do for our clients personally.  We believe that this extra level of commitment is what sets us apart from many of the marketing firms out there.