We are excited to announce that we are launching our very first crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise money to expand our services in 2019.  Below is the breakdown of who we are, what we do, and how you can help.

Here is the link to donate today.

A day in the life of a nonprofit…

It’s a Friday afternoon, and at the Civic Support Office we want to run our annual tax filing to the post office before they close. It’s been a long day of crunching numbers, but we like to do it ourselves because it’s another dollar saved. Meanwhile, email exchanges are flying back and forth as our graphic design intern finishes the final touches on a brochure series for one of the city’s nonprofits. Tomorrow we will be hosting out free “Marketing Boot Camp” for over twenty nonprofit founders. On Monday, we have a meeting with a start-up nonprofit trying to figure out how to build a web presence on a tight budget.

This is a glimpse into a typical week for Civic Support, but it’s also a look at how most small nonprofits operate– when it comes to this line of work, everyone wears multiple hats. As the founder of Civic Support I am the bookkeeper/accountant, project manager, marketing and communications expert, grant writer, and sometimes the web developer! It’s work you love to do, but it can be exhausting, and critical elements to business sustainability can start to slip thru the cracks.

When it comes to small nonprofits, the struggle is real…

For seven years Civic Support has helped small nonprofits with outreach and business sustainability, and we’re good at what we do because we truly get it. Running any small business is a challenge with great risk and endless rigor, but it can be even more daunting when you rely on grants, fundraising, and other charitible actions from members of the community.

Small nonprofits often fail, not because they aren’t providing critical services that many people rely on, but because they lack the necessary support to grow their impact.

Here’s what Civic Support is doing about it…

Often the past eight years, we have:

  • Provided numerous interns with real-world, paid experience in the marketing industry.
  • Launched an annual FREE Marketing Boot Camp for nonprofit founders and employees.
  • Provided web development, social media management, graphic design, copywriting and many other services to dozens of community organizations.

Why we need your help…

Over our eight years in operation, we have never solicited direct donations. Why? Because as the founders of Civic Support we wanted to be sure that we had a clear plan for each penny that is offered to us.

That is why we are kicking off our first ever Crowdfunding Campaign. We have plans to execute an exciting new business model in 2019 that will grow our operational budget and allow us to expand our services. But to get to that next phase, we need to raise a small amount of capital.

We understand that the services we offer at Civic Support aren’t always as empathetically motivating as many critical nonprofit organizations out there. However, the work we do has made an impact on so many in our local community, and every penny you donate will help us grow this mission for another eight years and beyond!