There are hundreds of ways to improve your reach on social media, but the question is – which of these methods or ways will actually succeed and bring results?

Increasing your social media reach as an internet marketer or blogger is all about attracting more sales and boosting domain authority, but the fact is that you’ll continue to remain where you are if you’re not using marketing tips the right way.

There are five things to look out for when it comes to social media marketing – volume, engagement, reach, influence, and share of voice. However, since we are dealing with Reach, then we’re talking about how big your audience is, or how far you measure on social media on the spread of your conversation.

Do not mistake Reach for things like clicks, re-tweets and so on. Reach is measured by the number of people that participated in whatever thing you are trying to sell or advertise on your social media platform. You can tell your customers to check out some features you just added to your website. For example, if you have a Woocommerce store, you can ask them to check discount rates if you have the Woocomerce discount plug-in.

Without any further waste of time and resources, here are five simple methods you can leverage upon for improving your social media outreach.

  1. Create Bizarre Attention.

The easiest way to create uncommon attention from your followers or friends on social media is to capitalize on stories.

You would be left dumbfounded to realize that Facebook stories are underused. When you start taking advantage of Facebook stories, you’ll always be at the top of everyone’s new feed when they visit their Facebook app.

You can also make use of other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to create stories – so instead of just posting invariable topics on your Instagram page, try to draw attention to yourself with live video stories. Your video stories can come in the form of YouTube videos, and you can do two to three live videos every week so that your followers / friends will start developing the habit of seeking time for preparation in coming in to see you life. Possibly, you can do live videos every day, depending on your budget and goal of outreach.

  1. Facebook Is King.

With Facebook, you’ll be able to build your presence and authority much faster than any other social media platform you know of. To leverage on Facebook as the principal factor for your reach, you need consistency in creating evergreen content for people to read. In addition, you have to create “invite only groups” for your engaged audiences to become members. When you’ve done the aforementioned, you can now leverage on organic post targeting.

Another key role with Facebook as an outreach platform is that you can boost your reach when your competitors are asleep. When posting, make sure to respect your audience choices and another great thing is to make use of advocacy and contests to grow your brand.

With Facebook, youll be able to make a list of your follower’s emails, and don’t forget to use ad campaigns.

  1. Ask Questions.

Asking questions from your friends / followers on social media can help boost your engagement and extend your outreach. Asking is another way of informing your followers about what action you need them to take or what opinion they have about what you’re about to do. This method is being used and tested, and it will amaze you to realize that just about everyone wants to leave his or her opinion. For example, the last time I asked for opinion from people about the Woocomerce mix and match option featured on my ecommerce store, the number of responses received stunned me.

Another method of question asking can be in the form of “filling the blanks quiz” and polls, they are unique ways of grabbing the attention of people on social media and you’ll even be lucky to add to your list of followers as they add up to your outreach database as well.

  1. Audit Your Posts.

If you continue to post the same content repeatedly, I bet you, people are going to quickly lose interest on whatever you are selling or advertising.

For you to be able to audit your content post, you’ll have to pay attention to the analytics of every social media platform you’re using. You can pay attention to the posts that is giving you the highest number of engagement, and the one with the lowest. When you’ve discovered the post that’s giving you a lot of leads and engagements, you can continue to leverage on that post with new stories attached to it.

You can also check out on your competitors and see what you’re not doing, but don’t copy their systems in the same style, if you want to do that, look outside your niche.

  1. Track Your Social Media Metrics.

This is where you have to track whether you’re doing the right thing or not. You need to track your progress, if not; at certain time, you will find yourself lost even with all your tricks and hacks.


Guest Contributor Credits:

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce mix and match), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing .