1. Read to the Elderly  

Taking a few hours; out of your day to read to an elderly person, whether it is in your home or at a local Elderly Home costs as much as reading on your free time. Many elderly community members appreciate the time that is taken out for them because some are at an age where reading has become difficult. Also, they enjoy the company of new faces in an environment that they’ve become used to. Its a good way to meet new people and receive great life lessons.

2. Pick Up Trash

Oftentimes picking up trash is seen as negative because you’re cleaning up someone elses mess. Have you ever come across someone excited about such as task? Picking up trash in your local park or community shows that you care about the area you live in and the comfort of others when they visit. Purchasing a few trash bags and plastic gloves is all that would be needed  for this type of project. Even if there are concerns about prices of these items, check around your home for any plastic bags which you can use to pick up and store.  Chances are, you have a ton of them from grocery store visits!  Making your own pick up stick with a sharp end is useful as well (18+ or adult supervision suggested).

3. Recycle

Recycling does not contribute only to your community but to the world you live in. By turning old boxes into recycling bins you can help individuals understand that you are separating trash from items you’re interested in collecting. Recycling is an easy way to get everyone involved, you can even collect recyclable items from neighbors trash.  In fact, collecting bottles from a party or asking your neighbors for bottles can directly translate to profit if you’re able to bring them to the redemption center!

4. Save Electricity

Turn off the lights! It saves electricity, but more importantly it saves you a headache from your parents constantly yelling to you about the electric light bill. Try to consume electricity by simply turning off  lights in any unoccupied rooms, or shutting off vacant television sets. Open the shades in your home to let in light. Natural light is the best light.

5. Smile
The most contagious things (other than an actual cold) is smiling. When you smile it is more than likely the person you are looking at will smile back. By giving off positive energy you may never know whose day you turned around. A smile is cheap and easy!