Facebook is great for looking at pictures of friends and family, dodging annoying game requests, and planning birthday parties.  But occasionally, Facebook has an event greater purpose; Giving Grant Contests.

 DoJiggy, a company that provides affordable giving software to nonprofits and community organizations, is hosting a $1,000 grant giveaway to five deserving nonprofits.  To show support, Facebook users are being asked to cast their vote to help determine which five organizations will be funded.

At Civic Support, we were thrilled when we stumbled upon this opportunity last week.  Not only has it been fun getting our supporters to engage in this contest, it’s also a great opportunity to get some money to support our current and ongoing projects.  That said, we need every vote we can get to show that people care about Civic Support!  To help entice you to vote, here are five reasons why you should:

1. Help Us Help Others

Our tagline is “Help You Help Others” because that’s what we do.  With a team of highly qualified professionals with skills that range from web development to professional writing, we can bring outreach strategies to nonprofits that could never afford such services otherwise.  We take on some of the administrative burden that comes with running a nonprofit, and in return those nonprofit employees are able to focus more on what they do best; helping the community.  Now we are asking that you help US in return with a simple two click vote!

2.  Civic Support Can Do A Lot With $1,000

Founded in 2011, Civic Support has been through a lot to get to the point where we could open the doors of an office.  It took clever finance management and countless volunteer hours to show that our organization IS needed in a community where over 20% of the population lives under the poverty line and 50% of students drop out of school.  In our community of New Bedford, we cannot afford to have nonprofits closing their doors.  Civic Support has been helping nonprofits keep their programs running by helping them get their message heard, and we have been doing it for years on a shoestring budget.

A $1,000 boost for Civic Support is the equivalent of allowing us to hire 6 paid college interns for a year.  It is the equivalent of allowing us to set up four fundraisers to get additional capital for our projects.  It is the equivalent of buying us over a month of grant writing time to seek funds for our community partners.  Needless to say, there is a lot we can do with $1,000!

3. A Small Grant Will Help Us Move On To Our Next Stage

This year Civic Support was awarded 501c3 status, and we did it on our own.  Unable to afford the help of a team of lawyers we relied on our own research and the consultations of a supporter to fill out all the forms.  It was a difficult but rewarding experience!  Now that we are federally recognized, we are on the edge of seeking grants to help many of the community organizations we work with get off the group.  In order to do this, we need a small financial boost to help cover operational expenses while we take on the next stage: grant writing and research.

4.  Every Dime Goes Towards Our Projects (Because we don’t have salaries!)

Although we pay our undergraduate interns, we the founders of Civic Support do not pay ourselves.  We thought it would be more important to create a community center for the projects we partners on, and this organizational overhead takes up the majority of the budget we raise.  Nevertheless, our partnerships have never been greater, and our future looks bright.  We can make the promise that not a single penny of this $1,000 would go into our pockets, but would be designated to reaching the next stage in our community impact.

5. Community Impact

At times it’s hard to understand the impact of an organization like Civic Support.  We aren’t collecting food for the homeless (although sometimes we do that), and we aren’t advocating for a particular cause (although we help with that too).  Instead, we are helping support those in our community who are dedicated to those tasks.  According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, 100,000 nonprofits will be closed in the next two years.  It is our goal to help make sure that those aren’t the same nonprofits that the people of our community have come to rely on.  And THAT is our impact on the community.


We hope you are convinced and will cast your vote for us by Wednesday, November 24th!

Click here to vote!