When fall season comes around there is much more to do than just drink a nice pumpkin spiced latte. Haunted houses make a huge profit when Halloween season arrives, and there is a lot more marketing work that goes into this than it might appear. Here are some of the 3 best marketing tips from the terror industry:

1. Terrorize Your Target Market With Technology!

Word of mouth is obviously a huge factor on where people decide to get their horror fix. Nevertheless, having a hashtag of your company trending on Twitter is definitely not a bad thing. People posting on their social media networks about how great of a time they are having can boost sales and get more loyal customers for years to come! Regular updates, promo codes, and spooky advertisements can really help make October a success. A website is also a key factor to a haunted amusements victory. The consumer wants to have full access to information and they want it quick and easy. Consumers should leave haunted websites with three things:

1. Excitement

2. All questions answered

3. The address in their GPS

A website with eye capturing graphics and updated material can really help the consumer traffic to increase, whether you’re hoping to scare your audience or entice them.

2. Keep The Freak Unique!

The most famous haunted thrillers got their fame by having something different and unique to them. Some companies such as The Netherworld in Atlanta Georgia, has a different theme each year. This helps keep their loyal customers satisfied with new content every season. By keeping things alive and fresh it can really help a business soar (especially if you have a limited time to make sales).

3. Connecting With Fellow Horror Experts!

Because the haunted industry only has one month to shine, they have to make the other eleven months ones to remember. Many companies bring their actresses and actors to many events to get their product known to the world. Many zombies and ghouls are known to be seen at movie premieres and other promotional events to boost their product. Keeping a connection and establishing relationships with potential customers year round is essential. Focusing on relationships with potential promoters and other businesses year round is what can help make any business thrive, terrifying or not.

Happy Haunting!